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Thinking of Selling your Home? 

There is nothing better in assisting you with a determination of value than a Market Valuation Appraisal performed by a Certified Appraiser with knowledge of the market area.

Getting ready to list a property for sale? 

There is nothing more beneficial to you than an appraisal to assist you in setting a list price in line with the current market value so your seller’s home or for FSBO seller’s so your price can support the contract sale price and is priced to maximize selling potential.  By making a modest investment upfront you can increase  your chances of a successful sale experience.

If you need a residential real estate appraisal for estate planning, tax appeal, bankruptcy, foreclosure or PMI reduction we can be of service to you also.

Measurement & Floor Plan Services

We can measure and provide you with a sketch that has the calculated square footage as well as the location or layout of rooms.  This service is available in several different detail levels, ranging from a simple, basic perimeter sketch to a more detailed layout of rooms.  These sketches can be uploaded to MLS and used on flyers or brochures for home marketing and data purposes. 

We offer 3 types of home measurements at Basic, Detailed, and Deluxe Floorplans.

  • Basic Floorplan– Is a precise home sketch that includes square footage, room dimensions, and a sketch of exterior walls. Starts at $100
  • Detailed Floorplan– Detailed sketch that includes interior walls, square footage, and room dimensions. Starts at $125.
  • Deluxe Floorplan– Extensively detailed sketch that includes interior walls and symbols, square footage, and room dimensions.  Starts at $150.

*additional charge for homes over 5000sf total measured area

We are a full-service NC Residential Real Estate Appraisal firm providing all your appraisal needs, measurement and basic floor plan services as well as many other valuation products in our services. If you are looking for a specific appraisal service or a custom service, please reach out to let us know what service you are looking to have completed. We are here to help in any way.

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