David Johnston

Licensed Residential Real Estate Appraiser



Dave has lived in Raleigh for close to 40 years and seen plenty of change in the Triangle area. He currently lives with his loving wife Brielle, and theirs pets Zoey and Zara, aka Meow. They welcomed their 1st son Jordan in 2021, and he’s has had their hearts ever since. 

He has started appraising in 2020, then became licensed in September of 2022. He is currently enrolled in college working towards a bachelor’s in business administration/marketing, with the end goal of becoming a certified appraiser.

My prior career for many years was as a graphic designer, which I still do on the side. Needless to say, between appraisals, school, freelance, and baby, I keep a pretty full schedule.

Dave is a licensed appraiser with the Adaero Group who is eager to gain more experience in the field, the every changing market, and to up his game in the state of the art technology.